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Accounting major resume sample


    Charles Duff
    9600 Bellaire Blvd.
    Suite 101 City/Zip Houston, Texas 77036
    Cell :

    Career Profile:
    'Seeking a position as 'Major Accountant' wherein my experience in accounting can contribute towards achieving the goals of the organization'


    • Familiar with the structures of accounting systems
    • Possess in-depth knowledge of tax laws and tax filings
    • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Ability to conduct research and analyse real cases
    • Knowledge of major operating systems like Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and the internet
    • Familiar with the principles and procedures of GAAP
    • Possess excellent analytical skills and ability to focus on detail
    • Knowledge of the rules and practices of state and federal laws
    • Ability to apply mathematical concepts to solve practical issues
    • Possess extensive knowledge of the functions of business organizations


    Organization: XXX Co Inc, Los Angeles
    Duration: March 2005 till date
    Profile: Major Accountant

    • Handled the tasks of maintaining and analyzing financial information
    • Communicated with senior financial management team about important business decisions
    • Kept proper record of books and financial transactions of the organization
    • Assigned task of gathering, analyzing and interpreting financial performance and risks
    • Handled the responsibilities of creating and analyzing balance sheets
    • Handled the tasks of evaluating the profit of the organization by using accounting information systems
    • Prepared tax fillings, balance sheet and cash flow
    • Analyzed financial cases and conducted research on it
    • Performed other financial tasks as per requirements

    Organizations: XXX Advertisers Group, Los Angeles
    Designation: May 2002 to February 2005
    Profile: Cost Accountant

    • Responsible for making financial decisions and recommendations of the organization
    • Handle the responsibilities of external auditing, internal reporting, financial statement reporting and tax planning
    • Handle the tasks of preparing and verifying financial data and statements
    • Responsible for maintaining and setting up internal accounting-control systems
    • Manage financial documents and ensure that all revenue-reporting and tax regulations are being followed
    • Responsible for developing, implementing and controlling cash management operations
    • Handle the responsibilities of hiring, training and supervising accounting staff

    Educational Summary:

    Master's degree in Accounting
     York University in the year 2000

    Bachelor's degree in Commerce in Accounting
    Arts and Commerce College, New York in the year 1998

    Certified Public Accountant
    New York, 2002

    Personal Details:

    Name: Charles Duff
    Date of Birth: 22.05.1984
    Employment Status: Full time
    Relationship status:


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